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Normal is not optimal!

Your blood, DNA and habits are a goldmine of data. Together, they’re a snapshot of your body in time: they tell you what’s going right, what’s not. And we tell you how to improve.

Our analysis goes well beyond generic bloodwork to reveal your unique, optimized zones for each biomarker. This is a level of personalized, data-driven analysis you can’t get from your physician.

Premier uses a boutique, leading science and technology company delivering life-transforming laboratory services using an integrated microarray platform that enables rapid, multiplex testing at an affordable cost.

The Benefits

Most Accurate in the Industry

Rapid 1 Hour Results

Low Cost

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Modern Women’s health panel For the modern day women

Women’s health is important . We offer a complete menu of hormone tests that are essential in the evaluation of overall health and the reproductive system.

• Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
• Complete Hormonal panel
• Cholesterol/Lipogram
• Thyroid Test (TSH)
• Diabetic Screening Tests (blood glucose levels, HBA1c)

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Ideal for those looking for a thorough analysis of their health state in order to understand the ways in which they can go from “healthy” to healthier.

The Optimize Package is a detailed assessment of your current health state. Gain insight into over 360 biomarkers that impact your energy, mental & physical performance, inflammation levels, your risk of certain diseases, and so much more.


This test measures all thyroid-related biomarkers to diagnose Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, hypothyroidism (under active), hyperthyroidism (overractive), iodine deficiency, and other signs of thyroid dysfunction.

The thyroid affects nearly every cell in our body as it regulates our metabolic rate, energy levels, mood and cognition, and so much more. Suboptimal thyroid function can lead to fatigue, hair loss, unexplained weight gain or loss, depression, anxiety, brain fog, and more.

It is estimated that approximately 750 million people globally suffer from thyroid dysfunction, with up to 60% being undiagnosed. Proactively check the status of your thyroid with the comprehensive Thyroid Lab Test.

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Protect your heart with a proactive, data-driven approach 

Heart disease is a leading cause of death for both men and women. This comprehensive lipid evaluation assesses your risk for heart disease and measures cardiac inflammation and hormonal markers. Make proactive lifestyle changes to improve your heart health and help prevent a cardiac event.


Your first step should be taking a comprehensive look under the hood. A Comprehensive metabolic panel test looks at your metabolism and how it is functioning. This shows how the body is using food and energy.

This test checks, among other things, how your liver and kidneys are functioning. It can detect abnormal blood sugar levels. Your doctor can use this to detect underlying issues that may be making it difficult for you to lose weight.

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Hormones related to sex, thyroid function, and stress can have a big impact on weight management. The following tests can help you to understand if you have imbalances in these areas:
• Sex hormones – testosterone , oestrogen ,lLuteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone.
• Thyroid hormones
• Stress hormones – cortisol

Elevated or lower than normal levels may indicate an underlying condition to your doctor. They can recommend treatment or lifestyle changes that may help to balance your hormones. Once hormone levels are in balance, appetite control and weight loss should become easier.

Early testing can diagnose the beginnings of insulin resistance. If caught early, this can be controlled with lifestyle changes. Weight loss can help to reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


If you feel overwhelmed by stress in your day-to-day life, you should consider a stress lab test. A lab test can check various biomarkers that can help establish whether or not your well-being is taking a hit from your level of stress.

Let’s start by learning more about stress.

  • Testosterone
  • Tsh
  • Crp
  • Hb
  • Cortisol
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Great for those looking to take the most comprehensive approach to their health available. The Total Wellness Package is the most detailed testing package available and can answer a variety of health-related questions. As a bloodwork panel of over 50 biomarkers, this package creates a holistic picture of your overall health, empowering you to understand your body like never before.

You can expect: Upon purchase & completion of your Patient Intake Form, you will be contacted to schedule a blood-draw. Once the results are in, you will have a consultation with one of our Health professionals.


Recommended for

• Health nuts
Kale yeah! Being healthy is on the top of your list. You’re not afraid of that spinach smoothie to keep your body in the best shape possible.
• Bad-ass athletes
You want to be on top of your game and you know that checking your inflammation, testosterone and thyroid levels can keep you there.
• Diet experimenters & Biohackers
Paleo, vegetarian, gluten free? You’ve made a lot of changes to your diet, make sure those changes are working for you from the inside.

Key benefits

• Numbers don’t lie
Our performance package is 3x more comprehensive than the blood test from your average yearly physical.
• Avoid overtraining
Inflammation, hormone levels, vitamins and minerals, these are all things that can be the difference between a workout and an effective workout.
• Eliminate the guesswork
You can’t assess your health merely by how you look and feel. Eliminate the guesswork by getting real data about your body.

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The Lab Tests Included in A Comprehensive Men’s Health Screening
If you’re unsure which one is right for you, your doctor may give you a health screening form. Based on this, which includes your family history, your doctor will advise which panel is most appropriate.

Each of these men’s health panels listed here includes Lipoprotein Fractionation. This test takes a deep look at cholesterol in the body, beyond the HDL, LDL, triglycerides, and total cholesterol to identify the particle sizes and risks that a traditional lipid panel does not include.

All men’s wellness panels include the following tests:
• CBC (includes differentials and platelets)
• Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
• TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone)
• Apolipoprotein A1+B
• Lipid panel with ratios
• Lipoprotein fractionation
• PSA Total (prostate health check)
• Lipoprotein (A



Men’s health screening may not have had as much attention as women’s health screening over the years. But now that’s all changed.

These tests can help you take control and get all your numbers moving in the right direction.
Let’s look at precisely what men’s health screening is and why it’s so important.

What is Health Screening For Men?
A men’s health screening is a set of checks and tests that help detect diseases and prevent diseases from occurring.

Lab tests can show what’s going on with critical systems in the male body.
• cardiovascular system
• kidneys
• hormones
• blood sugar
• vitamin levels

Men’s health screening and physical exams should be a regular part of every man’s health care routine.

Why Should Men Get Health Screening?

The goal is to catch problems in one’s health early before while they can be reversed and before they cause permanent damage to vital organs. When your doctor reads your lab results, she will be able to spot issues that have already developed. She can also detect problems that are likely to develop without lifestyle changes and or medications.

Even younger adult males should have regular health screening. At ages 18-39, you should regularly get your blood pressure checked, have a physical, and be checked for testicular cancer. Order a set of comprehensive lab tests to establish your baseline biomarkers and check your cardiovascular health, major organs, and endocrine system health.

As you get older, you’ll need additional tests. You’ll need to undergo screening for colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, and osteoporosis.

You may feel fine. However, you should still have regular men’s health screenings, even if you do not feel unwell, because many serious diseases, including heart disease and diabetes, do not have any symptoms in the early stages.save lives.



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