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We offer the best available FDA-approved medications clinically proven to help grow hair and prevent and reverse hair loss. Get started with advanced hair restoration treatments from the hair loss specialists at Premierbody. We have the best cost options in the industry for mitigating hair loss including minoxidil, finasteride, Hair supplements , peptides , designer combination medications, and more!

Why Me? What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss can be hereditary and can also be caused by hormonal imbalance, medications, illness, Alopecia, age, stress, hair care products, and more.

Male pattern baldness occurs when longer, darker hairs that once grew on the scalp are replaced by thinner, shorter, less pigmented hairs. This is due to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone derived from testosterone.

Can I Treat My Hair Loss?

It is possible to stop or even reverse this hair loss if treated early on.
However, at a certain point, the hair follicle also loses attachment to the small muscles in the skin and hair loss becomes permanent.

Is Treatment Effective & How Long Does it Take?

It generally takes three to four months of daily use to start seeing visible changes. Treatments can take up to a year to yield maximum results. To sustain benefits, you have to continue using hair loss medication. If you stop, your hair loss may return.

Hair Loss Treatment Shampoo

What Premierbody Uses to Treat Hair Loss


1. PRP Hair Treatments, one month apart ( if Doctor suggests this)

2. Peptide Vial to be added to the first PRP treatment

3. Hair supplement and shampoo product for Men or Women x 4 months

4. Three Peptides x 4 months:
     • Hair Rescue: Repair Topical Solution ( Peptides )
     • Hair Rescue: Activate Topical Solution ( Peptides )
     • Thymosin Beta 4

5. Minoxidil and Finasteride.

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4. Ongoing Access & Treatment

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