Remedy Peptide Protocol


Thymosin Alpha 1 + BPC 157 + GHK-Cu
Quantity for 1 Month


Remedy peptide includes the highest dosage possible for three anti-inflammatory and immune bolstering peptides:
Thymosin Alpha 1

We created this unique and potent blend to help those recovering from Coronavirus but this peptide blend can also be utilized for acute injuries and chronic fatigue and infections.

For your personal dosing instructions please see the email from the Medical Team containing your individual instructions. Dosing is subject to change at the prescribing Doctor’s discretion. Please do not change the dosage without Doctor’s approval.

Compounded Medication, Medical Review & Doctor Prescription: When you purchase medication and peptides through the Premierbody website, you are paying the cost of the South African compounded product, as well as for the prescribing doctor’s medical consideration and prescription. Patients also receive their own personal dosing and administration instructions from the doctor. The product, scripting and medical review are all included in the cost of the peptides on the Premierbody site.
Needles & Alcohol Swabs: The package will also include the needles and alcohol swabs required to administer the medication.