Scream Cream


Sexual Health for Women
Five medications, one application!
Helps Improve Sensitivity & Satisfaction


Scream Cream is a potent topical medicated gel that is designed for female sexual health. The three proprietary medications work together to increase levels of arousal and sensitivity for a more pleasurable sexual experience. The cream works by promoting blood flow to the clitoris to heighten physical sensation and potentially increase chance of orgasm.

Scream Cream’s potent active ingredient, L-Arginine, works to dilate the blood vessels and promote blood flow to the clitoral tissue. The cream also contains menthol for added tingling sensations. Promoting blood flow to this area makes it highly sensitised which can lead to increased orgasm intensity and frequency. This medication can be used by females who are experiencing sexual dysfunction, or to enhance sensation and frequency of orgasm in those who are not already experiencing issues. For best results this cream should be applied 5-10 minutes before sexual activity. Patients usually experience a tingling or warm feeling around their genitals 10-20 minutes after the first application. For maximum results some patients require a second or third application of the cream until they experience a response. This cream should be combined with direct physical stimulation of the clitoris.

• Enhanced sensation in the clitoris
• Increased sexual arousal
• Pleasurable physical sensation
• Increased frequency of orgasm

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