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Hormone Therapy for Men & Women


Odds are that you’ve heard the words “Hormone Replacement Therapy” in the news lately.

Everybody from pro athletes to Fortune 500 CEOs are using testosterone replacement therapy to boost productivity and results. But what exactly is Hormone Therapy – and how can it benefit you?


  • Increased lean muscle
  • Less belly fat
  • All day energy
  • Increased sex drive
  • Stronger erections
  • Motivation and drive
  • Sharper focus
  • Improved memory
  • Improved mood
  • Reduced anxiety


at home treatments, tele-medicine and ongoing care

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We combine ongoing expertise in clinical research related to every area of wellness, with access to a unique team of board-certified physicians, wellness coaches and nutritionists at our hormone therapy clinics.

Our unique approach enables our clients to achieve optimum performance, productivity and appearance in the most efficient way possible

Premier body has pioneered the field of health, vitality and wellness for men and women who want to achieve specific health goals.

Look and Feel Years Younger!

Age Therapy

For the record, this is an unpaid testimonial. I share my story from the heart with high hopes to be HELPING other men that may feel down, stuck and stressed.

I have always been active. In my twenties, I was slim for a 6’3″ guy. At the age of 33, I began seeing changes in my body and my mind. I was putting on weight despite the fact that I was working out regularly and somewhat regimented when it came down to nutrition. My stress level was growing and I was seeing every challenge life was throwing at me like as an insurmountable obstacle. At the age of 34, I tipped the scale with a whopping 101kg I was holding on to 30% of body fat and I had no real remedy in sight. I thought it was because of my age, that it was “normal” but I really wanted to slim down. I became very regimented and, after several months of working out hard, a lot of cardio and an almost religious zeal when it came to food and everything “non-fat,” I finally lost 10kg.

Fast forward to last year , I was in a dead-end marriage, I hated my body, hated how I looked, hated how I felt, was “stuck” in an unsatisfactory job, stressed to the max, my libido was nearly non-existent, and was suffering from many sleepless nights worrying about money and every other possible little thing in life.

Looking back now, it is very clear to me that I was flirting with onset depression that never materialized to full-blown… I am convinced that I acted right on time. I visited a supplements store and the gentleman, wanting to “help” sold me on “testosterone booster pills.” That day, I had lunch with a friend and shared my purchase with him. He asked me if I ever had my testosterone levels checked and I said, no. I had never had a conversation about testosterone before. He referred me to Premier and I showed up that very afternoon. I was very much in need of real help.

A blood test revealed that my testosterone level was 190. Very low for a 35 year old man… if not to say “abnormally low.” I started a therapy program designed for ME and a few days later, I felt more awake, aware, calm. I was motivated again. Motivated to find better work, motivated to workout with a purpose, motivated to make the right decisions to live a more fulfilled life. Within a few months, the fat was melting off of me and I was finally able to put on some muscle. I was sleeping like a baby and the worries that kept me up at night almost disappeared like a bad dream.

I am about to turn 37 and I am lean, muscular, alert, calm, assertive and in control. I feel like a 25 year old in the bedroom and never been happier
Thank you for reading.


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