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At PremierBODY we believe that aging should not result in loss of vitality, energy, or an unfulfilling sex or social life. Prevention is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. With our team of highly trained medical, nutritional and fitness professionals, we focus on creating the best individualized program designed to tackle patient needs.

Our unique one-on-one programs and IV therapies are unlike any others in the aspect of customization. Whether you are experiencing weight gain, hormonal imbalances or problems associated with vitamin deficiencies, PremierBODY has you covered. We combine hormone replacement therapy with nutrition and fitness programming to yield an everlasting healthy lifestyle. Our range of peptides is a first in South Africa and compounded in the compounding pharmacy.

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Specializing in Modern Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men & Women

Our greatest achievement is to see our clients feel and look their best.

When they win we celebrate with them.


PremierBODY serves patients nationwide. We offer years of dedicated medical and health industry experience, specializing in hormone replacement therapy, nutrition and fitness planning, IV therapy, and bio-identical hormone and testosterone replacement therapies. Our focus is on the highest technologies in diagnostic testing.

We offer cutting edge lab services to screen for earlier interventions which provide better determinations to address deficiencies and other issues our clients may be experiencing. It’s with this incredible data that we are able to work comprehensively with our clients to create custom plans of action dedicated to a successful outcome. OuOur greatest achievement is to see our clients feel and look their best. 

Our head doctor has over 20 years experience in this field and many years of expertise in various other medical fields.

Premier provides the testing, education, and treatment for hormonal imbalance.

• Bio-Identical Hormone Restoration Therapy
• Testosterone Replacement Therapy
• Preventative Wellness and Collaborative Telemedicine
• Medical Weight-Management
• Diagnostic Testing
• Nutritional Medicine
• Vitamin and Amino Acid IV Infusion
• Peptide therapy

Premierbody combines proven treatment models with an emphasis on life quality including interventional hormone therapies, testosterone supplementation, sexual health, weight management, nutrition, and more.

Experienced staff and a newly-expanded facility are equipped to treat the full range of patient issues under one roof, with no referrals necessary. Premierbody introduces a medical facility that offers a comprehensive wellness approach. Unlike conventional medicine, Premierbody will personalize the individual patient’s care by thoroughly reviewing the multiple systems that make up the whole body to deliver thorough approach toward the diagnosis.

Established partnerships with key vendors allow the clinic to offer affordable cash-pay services that may often cost the patient less than when using a third-party payor for similar services. The self-pay model allows the clinic to offer affordable access to treatments typically not covered by insurance with more time allowed for quality patient care.

Patient access is enhanced through our telemedicine service, allowing patients nationwide a convenient way to receive quality care.


Do you reside outside South Africa and feel like you can’t get the specialized hormone restoration, peptide therapy and other guidance you need? If you’re looking for hormone replacement therapy in Europe, Brazil , the United Kingdom, or another country, we may be able to help.

You can access our expert recommendations.

Premiers Medical’s experienced providers can serve International patients through virtual consultations to review provided bloodwork and protocols and make recommendations.

If you’re having trouble finding expertise from your local providers, our consultations can help guide you to more appropriate treatments and protocols.

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