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Insulin and Insulin Resistance: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatments.


Insulin plays an essential role in your overall health. An imbalance in how your body uses insulin can lead to various diseases. To make sense of the effects of insulin resistance, It’s important to understand the role insulin plays in your body. Especially if you’re diagnosed as insulin resistance because this understanding will help you better manage your insulin.

What Is Insulin?
Your pancreas produces the vitally important hormone insulin, which affects many aspects of your body’s systems. Its primary job is to regulate the amount of glucose in your bloodstream. It’s also responsible for storing glucose in your fat, muscles, and liver and contributes to regulating your body’s metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

What Causes Insulin Resistance?
The causes of insulin resistance vary, but some of the risk factors are smoking cigarettes, cigars, a pipe, or chewing tobacco, not getting enough sleep, carrying excess weight, and having a concentration of belly fat around your middle. It’s important to note that anyone of any size can become insulin resistant, as aging, genetics, and even ethnicity can affect your body’s insulin response. If any of these factors lead to insulin resistance, your body will launch a vigorous fight back by producing more insulin.

Other risk factors include:
1. Eating a high-sugar, high-calorie, or high-carbohydrate diet
2. Sedentary lifestyle with little physical activity
3. Another health condition that has caused you to need high doses of steroids over an extended time
4. Prolonged stress in your life
5. Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOS) or Cushing’s Disease

In some rare cases, another condition can be responsible for hyperinsulinemia, such as insulinoma, a tumor of the pancreas’ insulin-producing cells. Nesidioblastosis is another possibility in which abnormal growth of the cells produces insulin in the pancreas.

How to Know if You’re Insulin Resistant
At first, you may not notice any symptoms, and you’ll only have obvious signs once the insulin resistance leads to higher blood sugar levels. High blood sugar can cause any or all of the following symptoms:

1. Increased hunger
2. Unexplained or unusual lethargy and fatigue
3. Brain fog and difficulty concentrating

Other signs that accompany insulin resistance can include:
1. A concentration of weight around your midsection (especially if you carry little excess weight elsewhere on your body)
2. High blood pressure
3. High cholesterol levels


Insulin resistance can develop into prediabetes or Type 2 Diabetes, which will then present with symptoms of increased blood glucose levels, and more of the classic symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes. So get ahead of of this and treat it.

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We utilise some of the newer therapies and peptides to treat insulin resistance.
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The above is dependant on the Doctor’s review and the patient’s blood work results.

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