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Tap into your best mindset, cognition and perform better under pressure.


A highly personalized and progressive program to help you maximize physical and mental energy, focus, brain function & output. Using cutting-edge technology, functional medicine & in-depth lab reviews we work together to help maximize your performance at the office and beyond.

The benefits include continuity of care, progressive treatment protocols and consistent access to the head premier doctor for questions as we work together. Ready to accelerate your business and career ? Let’s talk.

The Benefits

Improve mental resilience

Boost your cognition

Breakthrough energy blocks

Increase work & life momentum

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Program Details

• Consultation in office or home
• Advanced Genetic evaluation
• Advanced hormone testing (Dutch Test)
• Nutritional labs, review, and program
• Personalized supplement program
• Quantified health – Heads Up Health
• Peptide therapy
• Inflammation & Stress Reducing tools – Nucalm
• Balance brain states – Brain Tap & Halo Sport
• NAD patches
• Injections – Glutathione, B12
• IV therapy
• Cognitive optimization – RG3, Oxytocin, Nootropics
• Exogenous Ketones
• Office, home and telemedicine visits available



1. Complete the Questionnaire

Taking the first steps to achieve your best hair is easy. Fill out the form now.

2. Consultation Fee

Pay the R400 doctor consultation fee online.

3. The Appointment

Our doctor will review your file and photos and contact you to discuss the recommended treatment.
Once finalised you will be able to purchase the required products from our online store.

4. Ongoing Access & Treatment

We want to ensure your treatment is delivering results.

That’s why we have ongoing at-home , Premier rooms and virtual visits with Premier medical professionals. And you’ll have unlimited access to your team online.

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